ChatGPT: What exactly is it good for?

Hint: A poet this thing is not.


Okay, ChatGPT and generative AI in general are officially a big deal. Big enough to spark some serious questions we hear all the time:

  • Is AI going to change marketing as we know it and a whole host of content-based work?

           In some ways, absolutely. We’ll get to that below. 

  • Will it eliminate jobs?

           Maybe, but more likely, it will disrupt a lot of knowledge work in the same way ATMs changed the work of bank tellers.

Make no mistake, this technology is a massive leap forward, and it will only get better. However, don’t expect generative AI to replace the things that humans are uniquely good at: judgment, creativity, improvisation, and explanation.

For businesses looking to leverage ChatGPT and related tech for marketing advantage and content creation, the key is understanding the opportunities and the limits, which we have outlined below. That’s how to use generative AI to your advantage, and, as our Head of Technology, Gordon Jackson has mastered, for your endless entertainment.


What generative AI does well

Researching and summarizing new topics and ideas 

Generative AI is a powerful way to get a high-level understanding of anything in a very short amount of time. It’s not a true “google killer” like some said but it can be a powerful add to your research toolkit. That’s a big deal for any content strategist on a deadline.

Outlines and rough ideas

AI tools can jumpstart the writing process by spitting out a decent outline for that powerpoint/e-book/white paper in seconds. Be warned though, the output will feel lifeless and generic. It’s still up to you to make it original and come to life. 

Some (emphasis on some) forms of simple, formulaic copy

Take this advice with a softball-sized grain of salt but, this thing can write passable short, formulaic copy. Remember: you’re going to want to carefully edit anything it produces.


What generative AI does poorly

Original, gripping content

I asked a generative AI solution to write me a haiku about Will Smith. Read the result and judge for yourself:  

A legend of the screen 

Will Smith, an actor so keen 

His talent is supreme 

Absolutely terrible!  No mention of the Chris Rock slap, it fails to get even remotely “jiggy” with it, and I count precisely zero references to Uncle Phil, DJ Jazzy Jeff, or Carlton. It reads like a decent attempt from a 4th grade child but fails to do much more than that.  Don’t use this thing if you’re hoping to get high-quality, persuasive content.

Generate error-free content

Generative AI creates content based on reading the entire internet (it’s science) and making a statistically informed guess about what you want. This sounds like a good idea but have you guys read the internet lately? There’s a lot of crazy out there calling itself the truth. This is creating weird and sometimes disturbing errors for users. 


What does this mean for marketing?

Generative AI just lowered the cost of putting out a steady stream of generic, possibly error-ridden marketing content to essentially zero. That means we can expect a tsunami of bad marketing content in the near future. How do you rise above it? How do you compete effectively for the attention of your buyers? 

You do what human beings do best. Strategize. Create. Innovate. Pivot. You come up with strategically aligned, high-quality, creative marketing content that stands head and shoulders above ChatGPT and all the other AI tools. Use them to be more productive, but don’t trust them with your brand. 

Looking for strategies and guidance on how to (and not to) leverage ChatGPT, ClearEdge’s content experts are here to help. Let’s chat (gpt style).