After getting to know DeLibra Wesley, COO at The Delta Companies, and founder of the professional development and lifestyle blog, Goals With DeLibra, you’ll likely join the masses and become one of her greatest enthusiasts. Whether you connect to her perpetual planning and effective goal setting, or the ease of authenticity she brings to every conversation, DeLibra creates an addictive atmosphere of positivity and accomplishment that initially stemmed from personal mentor, CEO and founder of healthcare staffing organization The Delta Companies, Jeff Bowling.

Fourteen years ago, DeLibra started her journey with Delta, then left after a four-year stint, only to return as a Verifications Coordinator when she discovered that the grass was not greener on the other side. In this role, she helped the travel side of the business grow by using her background in nursing credentialing. Through the years, she focused on her career path using her organic ability to take constructive criticism very well. She repeatedly asked for feedback to understand what she needed to do to qualify for the next position, and the next, and the next – until she landed in her current role as COO – a position that she loves! 

When asked what she would do differently if she had the opportunity, DeLibra confesses that it would be little: she’s always believed that there is “a season for everything.” Still, she comments that if she had to tap herself on the shoulder ten years prior, she would give herself the advice of her current mantra: “Don’t waste time!” DeLibra learned this valuable lesson – and continues to learn with age – that the more you condense time and get the necessary feedback while running toward asking tough questions, the better. 

As the conversation continues, DeLibra and Leslie discuss the unparalleled gift of confidence, how her unwavering authenticity creates strong morale rooted in trust, and a VIP look into her DEI journey with the company. Plus, she shares the advice she has for other organizations just getting started. They also discuss DeLibra’s astonishing weight loss journey, how running to conflict can stop ruminating habits in their tracks, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this episode!