Vinda Souza, CMO at RefAssured, joins Leslie Vickery on TheEdge for a conversation that’s both inspiring and thought-provoking. They delve into the importance of marketing as a strategy, finding your authentic voice and brand purpose, and how DEI as a strategy is faring in today’s market.

This episode is a must-listen for marketing leaders in the staffing industry, women looking to navigate their careers with confidence, anyone passionate about creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Why Marketing Gets Lost in the Shuffle: The Staffing Industry vs. Tech Giants 

  • How can women in marketing leadership secure the resources they need within the staffing industry?
  • What unique strategies can be used to build a strong employer brand in staffing?

How to Leverage Storytelling and Authenticity to Craft a Powerful Employer Brand 

  • Why is storytelling such a powerful tool inmarketing?
  • How can you leverage authenticity to connect with potential candidates?

The importance of paying more than lip service to your DEI initiatives

  • Should DEI be a strategy or a tactic? 
  • How can we prioritize these initiatives in today’s market? 

In life and throughout the episode, Vinda doesn’t shy away from the challenges.  She emphasizes the importance of companies actively seeking solutions to combat bias and empowering women throughout the entire recruitment process.

Drawing on her own experiences witnessing vast improvements in diversity throughout her life, she ignites a spark of hope.  Vinda believes that with collective action, we can accelerate progress towards a future free from bias.

Join Vinda and Leslie on The Edge as they challenge the status quo and empower you to own your voice!