On the latest episode of TheEdge, our host, Leslie Vickrey, ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder, is joined by Janelle Bieler, President, Adecco Canada. Leslie and Janelle start off the episode by discussing what it means to be the CEO of your own career. The pair then discuss the Dress for Success ‘Your Hour, Her Power’ campaign which is raising funds for programs supporting women entering and re-entering the workforce. The campaign highlights groundbreaking women in leadership positions across various industries, this year including both Leslie and Janelle. The episode wraps up with an exploration of what it means to be a power mom, and Janelle’s participation in a book of the same title. 

Janelle has now worked at Adecco for eight years, and this episode opens with a story from when she was interviewing for the position. She was in her final interview with Joyce Russel, Adecco US President at the time, and in that conversation she made it clear she was looking for a position that did not necessarily have longevity, but had opportunity for growth and promotion within the company. Stating this clearly was Janelle’s way of taking control of her career and it has served her well, with a clear understanding of her goals, she has moved from Regional Vice President to President of Adecco Canada. 

This March, Women’s History Month, Leslie and Janelle were both honored as a part of the #YourHourHerPower, a campaign organized by Dress for Success International. Your Hour Her Power was created to inspire hope and resilience among women by honoring groundbreaking women in leadership positions across various industries. Leslie and Janelle reflect on the different reasons this campaign means so much to them and their companies. They discuss how their companies are working to rise up women, how the staffing industry stacks up when looking at equity for women in the workplace, and discuss the important work that Dress for Success is doing for women entering or re-entering the workforce. 

Leslie then asks Janelle about what it means to be a mom to her two daughters. Janelle reflects on the importance of teaching your daughters from a young age to advocate for themselves, and to stand up for what they believe in, understanding they don’t always have to fit in. Janelle then shares about her experience being featured in the book “Power Moms, by Joanne Lublin. In the book she talks about something that is not often talked about when discussing women in leadership and motherhood, miscarriage.This wasn’t a topic she had planned on sharing about, but one that organically came about through conversations with Joanne. She shares about the support she received and the importance of being able to talk about it. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dress for Success and the work they are doing with women around the globe, please visit their website here. To donate to the Your Hour, Her Power campaign and learn more about why ClearEdge Marketing is excited to be a part of it, you can visit our campaign page here.