Beeline is a software company that helps organizations source and manage contingent labor. The organization helps procurement, sourcing, and human resources professionals optimize costs, reduce risks, and add value to their services procurement and contingent workforce programs.

Throughout her career Colleen Tiner has worked software across a variety of industries, and has maintained a focus on transferable skills. This approach has lead her to build successful products that appeal to different markets and provide versatility. The common denominator in Colleen’s successful product career has been her empathy for customer and users, as well as their challenges. This has helped her understand the essence of building products that solve problems.

In order to understand where your strengths are, Colleen recommends that if you thrive in listening to problems, you should focus on product strategy; if you love to solve solutions you should focus on product management; and if you excel in communication you should go into product marketing.

Colleen and Leslie also discuss Colleen’s professional value system, which includes the following:

  • Be pragmatic and take calculated risks
  • Continuously learn and pay it forward by investing in others
  • Lead with professional grace and conviction

These values are a big part of her rise to leadership at Beeline, and she also shares her thoughts on empowering women to rise to the top. She recommends women should, “make sure you are in the successor seat,” a seat where you can make the biggest difference for your company.

Colleen closes by discussing Beeline’s latest product launch, Credible, “a portal that connects procurement and HR managers at hundreds of companies with thousands of human capital service providers in a stress-free business networking platform. We founded Credible because we believe that whether you are looking for a staffing agency, consultancy, Managed Service Provider, or technology, finding and connecting with credible suppliers should be easy.”