Lifelong staffing expert Sunny Ackerman got her start in the industry much like many people do — right out of college. From there, she, like so many of our colleagues, fell head over heels in love with the business of helping people secure livelihoods, develop careers, and gain valuable skills for their future. Sunny’s initial love for the job has resulted in a career-long tenure in staffing, making pit stops at Spherion and ManpowerGroup to ultimately end up in her current role as President of the Americas at SThree

Ambition is ingrained in Sunny’s DNA, which early in her career made it incredibly frustrating for her to receive a “no.” Looking back now, she wished she relied on something that’s made her the leader she is today: getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Sunny notes that she no longer looks at unintended outcomes as failure. Instead, she tries to take it on as a necessary process for growth, sometimes making the “win” even more beautiful.

As the pair move onto topics of gender equity, mentoring and the importance of staying connected with your network, Sunny shares some advice: It’s critical that you lead with authenticity and show gratitude along the way. She also notes that while there is typically only six degrees of separation, in this industry it’s more like two degrees. The support is there, so use it to your advantage! 

As the conversation continues, Sunny and Leslie also discuss how finding your voice comes with time, SThree’s ongoing commitment to DEI, and how there isn’t an age restriction on learning from others. We hope you enjoy this episode.