Tammy Browning, current SVP and President at KellyOCG, has held almost every role in the staffing industry, from recruiting to branch management. In total, it adds up to16 different titles and roles. All of that experience, combined with her original start in the restaurant industry, has given Tammy the competitive edge that she attributes to her success today. 

But long before Tammy was leading global MSP and RPO solutions and overseeing a whopping $9 billion spend budget for KellyOCG’s MSP portfolio, Tammy was practicing what she calls “good old fashioned grit” in the restaurant business. She recalls a time when she could be found doing anything from serving tables and hosting, to washing dishes as a general manager. But what gave Tammy her edge to succeed in staffing was the mentality that no job is beneath you or your paygrade. In addition, she notes that the job also requires a deep level of knowledge of what you’re selling—and the people you’re selling it to.

Tammy’s decision to leave the restaurant business started with a personal conversation between she and her husband about work-life balance and the role they wanted her to play in the family dynamic. Tammy later reflects on how she traveled every week during pre-pandemic times and was often gone Monday through Friday. She suggests that if at any point you’re sitting in a hotel room or away from your family or in a meeting, and you’re asking yourself, “is it all worth it?” the answer is probably no. It’s not. 

As the conversation continues, Tammy and Leslie also discuss why your revenue line, bottom line and gross profit line are all equally important, how job instability is reshaping what’s essential in our careers, and the value in understanding what work-life balance works for you. We hope you enjoy this episode.