Despite having been in the industry for almost 25 years, Melissa Byington finds it hard to believe that her younger self could have imagined her where she is now, Chief Sales Officer at Supplemental Health Care. At age 20, Melissa was a single mother with a passion for law, which quickly shifted when she was recruited into a leadership development program in retail. There, she experienced all-too-common unbalanced work-life conditions, which required Melissa to take on more work to support her mighty family of two. In searching for better balance, she moved to banking, only to find that it wasn’t a good skill or personality fit. Still looking, Melissa leaned into connections, inevitably finding CHG staffing, where she began her career in the industry as a recruiter. The best part? Her napping toddler was a welcomed team member from day one! 

That sense of support, coupled with the natural growth of the company and its “success leads to opportunity” mindset, helped Melissa grow into an executive leader of the largest physician staffing company in the U.S. Fast forward a bit and her career took an unexpected turn, pushing her into consulting, but ultimately led Byington to her current and beloved role with Supplemental Health Care. 

When asked what excites Melissa most about the healthcare space, she reflects on how healthcare staffing is a growing industry. Growth can be the fuel to help make meaningful progress in several areas that Melissa believes are important, such as eliminating the gender pay gap, creating diversity in leadership, and giving back to our communities. She notes that these opportunities for progress don’t stop with healthcare and that other growing companies can have the same impact. 

As the conversation continues, Melissa and Leslie also discuss how to better position women for a succession seat, Supplemental Health Care’s strong culture of purpose and connection, and how practicing vulnerability can help you manage self doubt. We hope you enjoy this episode.