At first pass, Jonathan Beamer, Chief Marketing Officer at Monster, may not seem like someone who would fall into a marketing executive role. With a background in mechanical engineering, he doesn’t fit the marketing archetype. But after spending a few minutes with him, it’s clear that his passion for marketing knows no bounds, and his insight into how to effectively manage disruption and incorporate innovation to revitalize products is unparalleled.

“We are laser-focused on making sure our tools are easier to use on both sides of our platform,” Jonathan said. A first step to doing that is to engage younger job seekers, and with the introduction of Monster Studios, the organization is now able to connect in more modern ways. Using video has been transformative for job posts and now, more and more companies are taking advantage of the video model. By doing so, they’re able to capture attention faster, which is imperative in the world we live in, and make job posts more easily digestible.

Along with an improved candidate experience, Monster has also been focused on improving the employer experience through “Search Monster” — the next evolution of candidate and resume search. And while resumes are still a key part of the job seeker experience, Jonathan says Search Monster is really about more enhanced candidate profiles and less about the resume itself.

“We want to show more data about the candidate, more interests that the candidate has and surface someone who is the right fit for your job,” says Jonathan. In addition, communication tools have been added so recruiters can engage with candidates quicker. Whether it’s by text, email or a combination of those tactics, immediate accessibility is vital to candidate experience.


Disruption to Traditional Marketing Practices

Monster has been and remains a strong brand, but global employment trends are often up and down, causing challenges for the industry overall. Jonathan says that while Monster’s brand remains the strongest asset to the company, he also understands that the brand needs to continue to reshape its approach to both active and passive job seekers. And while not all marketing can be “measured,” Jonathan still believes in taking a measurable marketing approach.

Jonathan believes that the foundation of the company really set the tone of early disruption—25 years ago, people were still looking in newspapers for their next job. Enter: Monster, who came in and totally changed the game. That spirit of disruption and entrepreneurship is still alive and well in the company, and that’s exactly how Jonathan continues to approach marketing.

Listen in as Jonathan also dives into artificial intelligence, how Monster’s evolution continues to take shape and why he thinks his wife is a superhero. You won’t want to miss out.