Keegan Banks started her career at Latitude 36 as a sales rep and worked her way up to Vice President of Client Delivery over the course of 7 years. Keegan started her career in Public Relations in New York City, working at the largest publishing company in the world, but didn’t feel right in her role so she packed up her bags, moved to Nashville and reached out to the owner of Latitude 36. Keegan confessed she didn’t know a thing about staffing, however she was dedicated to learning about the industry and worked hard in her climb to the top. Keegan  recommends everyone starting out in the job market should keep an open mind to all career paths because you may stumble into a career you love.

Unlike most staffing agencies who start their new hires in recruitment roles, Latitude 36 started Keegan out in sales. When asked if all staffing agencies in sales roles, Keegan explains that it depends on the business model of the organization. As a full-service staffing and professional services firm, specializing in recruiting solutions for Information Technology, Healthcare, and Business Professional positions, Keegan explains how Latitude 36 is split between a technical focus and people focus. She says that Latitude 36 places people who are better at match making in sales roles and individuals who are better at understanding technical skills and vetting for those skills in recruitment roles.

Starting out in the industry Keegan believes the size of Latitude 36 was in her favor because one client could have meaningful impact on a small/mid-sized company, which was encouragement for her to keep working hard. Keegan points out that individuals in the recruitment industry don’t typically get a degree in the industry or need a masters in order to be successful, but that the key in reaching success in staffing is to have your organization’s support. Keegan notes two characteristics that she sees in individuals who are experiencing success in the industry as new comers:

  • Ownership of role
  • Care for personal success and the organization’s success

To keep and advance women in the industry, Keegan believes that more companies need to offer longer paternity leave packages so that roles have a chance to be equal between parents from the beginning of parenthood. She also believes that it’s important for organizations to offer flexibility to help relieve pressure for women.

Mentorship has played a large part in her career. Keegan knows that if she wants to grow, then her team needs to grow too and she’s constantly working to be a rock for her team.