Lauren Jones, Senior Director of Operations at Star Staffing, joins The Edge podcast to share how you can make life commitments work for you! Say what? Yes, making life’s commitments work for you is essentially referring to achieving work life balance. Lauren has worked tirelessly in the staffing industry for nearly 20 years, and while she loves the industry, she felt like she needed to rearrange her life to find balance and fulfillment.

Lauren had a perfect suburban cul-de-sac life on the outside, but started to feel completely suffocated on the inside. Lauren decided she needed literal, physical space which resulted to moving her family into a fixer-upper on sizeable land just outside of San Jose. What started as just a few sheep to help maintain the land has amassed to 18 chickens, 15 goats, 10 sheep, 8 ducks and 4 dogs. For Lauren, working on her fixer upper with her husband and caring for her farm animals has changed her pace and the fulfillment of having a united mission and beautiful vision.

It’s easy for people to go on a social media detox or try a new method to organizing their emails that maybe sticks a few weeks, but we always seem to be sucked back into the unbalanced madness of work and life. To maintain her mantra of making life commitments for you, Lauren changed her focus and priorities. Lauren prioritizes her time with her family and other personal commitments so at the beginning of each month, she looks at what she has going on in her personal life and then works in her work commitments. She prioritizes what makes her happy and life full first. She realized that when she was able to prioritize what fulfills her, it started to be easier to say no to the other items that won’t serve your happiness. Thus, Lauren ends the show on the notion that the power of no has brought me more opportunities than yes ever did.

Tune in if you’re looking for tips on finding work/life balance and fulfillment.