Robin Mee, President and Founder Mee Derby, joins TheEdge to dissect why staffing companies need a strong internal talent acquisition strategy, how women can find their true, authentic voice and how recruiting technology solutions are impacting the staffing industry. 

Robin started her career in staffing working for Peter Yesnee at Adecco before founding Mee Derby in 1988, which is one of the oldest and largest “recruitment-to-recruitment” firms in the US. Robin is a passionate advocate of staffing, a volunteer industry leader and a regular speaker at national events. In addition to being honored on the Staffing 100 and Global Women’s Power 100 lists for SIA, Robin’s organization has also been voted a Best of Staffing Firm for client satisfaction for seven years. 

As a highly regarded subject matter expert, Robin’s insight and perspective on the staffing industry is second to none and we’re thrilled to welcome her to TheEdge podcast.  

Living an Authentic Life and Finding Your Voice

As a 30-year veteran of the staffing industry, Robin has learned a number of incredibly valuable lessons, including how to live an authentic life while also speaking up and out when necessary. Though she firmly believes that finding your voice is a process, for her, it started when she simply began observing those around her and her environment. 

“I’m committed to living an authentic life and figuring out what that means to me is a lifetime challenge,” Robin shares, “but who we surround ourselves with is key, both professionally and personally.” 

Robin says that it takes a “willingness to put yourself out there” and if you don’t take the steps and surround yourself with a group of trusted advisors, it’s incredibly difficult to find the confidence to speak up when it’s needed most. She hopes, however, the next generation of women in staffing will speak up in greater numbers and with greater ease, taking lessons learned from the women who came before them. 

Flexible Work Model 

Robin is a pioneer when it comes to the flexible workforce model. She once said, “The most defining experience of Mee Derby was evolving from a traditional office environment to a virtual company. This promotes a great work/life balance, fosters collaboration, fuels great work and results in record growth. Lessons? Surround yourself with great people. Take risks. Always be learning. Show your team, candidates and the industry that you care.”

Robin explains why Mee Derby still appears to be the exception and not the rule in staffing. She also addresses whether or not the staffing industry has embraced flexible work schedules or virtual offices, and questions whether location or talent matter most.

Recruiting Technology Solutions

New recruiting technology solutions are emerging every day, leaving some feeling uncertain about the future of staffing. Will technology replace personal relationships in an industry that’s built on them? Not so, says Robin. She shares her insight into why owners need to stay on top of new technologies and understand how they’re going to aid the organization to achieve success rather than impede it. 

Tune in now to hear more about the evolving staffing industry and how Robin continues to be a key player.