On the latest episode of TheEdge, our host, Leslie Vickrey, ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder, is joined by Angela Alberty, Co-Founder, MyBasePay. Angela and Leslie explore many commonalities as they move through the conversation, including their upbringing by strong single mothers. As entrepreneurs and moms, many of the values instilled in them at young ages shine through in this conversation and their work. The pair discuss balancing work life and family, the support they have received from Allys and male mentors including Angela’s co-founder Cesar Jiminez, and they wrap it up with Angela doing a quick (yet deep) dive into Future of Work trends.

Growing up in a single mother household, Angela knew the importance of being able to provide for herself. After a short stint chasing her dream of broadcast journalism, she turned to the staffing industry where she saw a brighter future. All along, she knew that family was very important to her, so much so that she left a role she was rapidly advancing in when she had her first child. Angela returned to the workforce soon after, when approached by Cesar Jiminez to start MyBasePay, an Employer of Record. The pair have built not only a fast growing and successful company, but also a culture where Angela is able to prioritize her family and her teams are as well.  

If you have listened to TheEdge before, you know that allyship is a common theme. It comes as no surprise that Angela and Leslie share more with each other about the importance of Allies in the workplace and some that they have found along the way. Cesar, who co-founded MyBasePay with Angela has not only been an ally to Angela in her work, but together they have also created a majority women executive board. Angela also shares about how her husband has stepped up to support her and been one of her greatest supporters. She shares a story about when her supportive mother was encouraging her to take the safe road, go back to a job that she knew and loved, while her husband was beside her encouraging her to take on the new experience of co-founding a company, because he knew she could do it! While these were both coming from a place of love, she took the road less traveled and is very glad she did. 

To wrap up the episode, Angela reminds us that the future of work is now, it is the current state of work. She talks about the way that technology, and specifically AI, is transforming the way that we communicate and providing opportunities for automation like we haven’t seen before. She also reminds us to think about the changes we are continuing to see in the world such as a more globalized workforce and employers being able to be more responsive to their employees needs around the world. With the addition of a new generation coming into the workforce and what Angela shares is a generation that values reskilling and upskilling and is looking for more agility and varied opportunities. These are just a few of the points she makes as she takes on where our industry stands today. 

Angela and Leslie have so many shared passions, from their families to, to lifting women up, and ensuring the future of our industry, it is evident in this electric conversation.