Kim is currently Chief Operating Officer at WILSONHCG, where she’s been for the past 10 years. Kim was out of college for only four years before joining the Wilson team of just 30 people. Fast forward to today, and WilsonHCG boasts more than 1,000 employees. Just six months from when she started, Kim had the opportunity to lead an expansion in Canada from scratch, as well as help the organization launch in Europe. Today, you can find her leading on the integration front in Asia.

With Kim being a Division I athlete in college, drive and determination have always come easy to her. She was set up for success when she landed her first job working in sales at one of the best training programs at Aerotek. When she started her career at WilsonHCG, Kim noted that the leadership style was centered around putting people first and growing with that philosophy. In addition to a core cultural focus on people, Wilson also pushed her to fail forward and to not only learn from that, but to teach others her own mistakes. She knew from the very beginning that this was the kind of leadership she could get behind.

As a woman with unbelievable positivity, Kim is always ready to take on a new challenge. Her family will be growing by one this year and she is being very realistic about the transition. Kim understands that your career is not like a ladder: it often zigzags in ways we don’t expect. The key is to not take anything too seriously and to grow from every experience. Her realism chimes into the conversation as she acknowledges that it will always be hard to find the perfect balance, but that you can do anything if you surround yourself with the right people.

As their conversation continues, Kim shares her insight on hard work and the results that follow. Growing up, she was taught “the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get.” Giving your all to something often ends in you feeling rewarded: whether or not it was the expected outcome. Kim has this mentality ingrained in her from her sports career, and passes the wisdom on to her team whenever she can.
Leslie and Kim also discuss the influence positivity can have on a crisis, the importance of patience while hiring, and how listening and growing with your clients pushes you forward.