From a young age, Taryn Owen, PeopleScout President, learned to see opportunity where other people see obstacles. As a result, she’s risen the ranks to the top of the world’s largest RPO provider managing talent solutions that span the global economy, with end-to-end MSP and talent advisory capabilities supporting total workforce needs. Her impressive accolades, from multiple Staffing 100 lists to Stevie Awards to her just announced Women World Awards as the Female Executive of the Year – Business Services – Category, illustrate the mark she’s made not only on her company, but on the workforce solutions industry.

Getting to the top isn’t an easy feat, and Taryn is grateful and humble for those who paved the way before her, and recognizes the impact her leadership position has on up and comers in the industry.

Taryn shares, “As I think about my peers in our industry. I’m honored to be in this company. Each time a woman reaches that level, it makes it just a little bit easier for the woman coming up behind her. “

Tayrn’s passion for diversifying the ranks doesn’t stop with gender. She’s a champion for creating a culture where everyone can be their best selves: that’s of the upmost importance to her. She and Leslie discuss one of PeopleScout’s guiding cultural principles, “We are one global PeopleScout,” and how those deep-rooted values reverberate throughout the organization. Taryn comments on how PeopleScout’s success is driven by this credo, and that it, “means that we expect and respect and value people of all backgrounds.”

She goes on to share that, “We strive to create an inclusive working environment that enables collaboration and allows us to benefit from the diversity of our collective experience and expertise. I take this very personally and it’s something I continue to challenge us to raise the bar on.”

Taryn and Leslie then turn to a discussion on PeopleScout’s impressive acquisition track record, including five successful integrations in as many years. Taryn credits the principle of “One Global PeopleScout,” as being central to this success. It takes on a depth of meaning as they think of diversity and inclusion across all the dimensions that come into play across the globe, and it positions PeopleScout to support its clients’ talent needs anywhere in the world.

As their conversation continues, Taryn offers insightful and personal advice on work-life balance, why authenticity is the leadership trait she values the most, her phenomenal team at PeopleScout, and the best piece of advice she’s ever received.