On the latest episode of TheEdge, our host, Leslie Vickrey, ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder, is joined by Kendra Cato, Director of Enterprise Strategy at Bullhorn.

Kendra came to her role at Bullhorn 5 years ago. Kendra opens with telling Leslie about the experience of sharing the news about this position and new career direction with her family and not being met with the enthusiasm she expected. In that moment, she chose to bet on herself and trust her gut. This wasn’t the first time in her life she had trusted her gut, with the wise words of her father whispering in the back of her mind, and it’s served her well.

Kendra’s passion of design and art is evident throughout the conversation, as she exclaims, “Life is art!” when Leslie asks her about how she incorporates her passions in to her professional life. She shares ways that she has created space both professionally and personally for creativity and design and lead with a heart wanting others to experience the same.

As co-authors of the book, Together We Rise, Leslie had a front row seat to Kendra’s creative process and the pair discuss the vulnerability that it took to write a book during the pandemic with 13 other female staffing industry leaders. The book hopes to break down stereotypes, instill confidence and encourage the next generation of leaders to rise up. Kendra opens up with the audience and Leslie about experiences she has had over the years that led her to discover and really define what her purpose and ‘why’ is in life, now a cornerstone to the decisions she makes in her day to day life.

Before wrapping up the episode, Kendra and Leslie discuss where the staffing industry is today in it’s DEI journey. Kendra shares about her own experiences in varying workplaces as a Black woman and the importance of inclusion and belonging. She underlines the importance of creating spaces where employees can show up as their full selves and are respected and celebrated. The episode closes out with a challenge for the audiences to find and join a gathering or event outside of their demographic to expand their networks, experiences, and/or cultural competencies.