On this episode of TheEdge, Onward Search Group President Eliana Hassen joins ClearEdge Founder CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey to talk about “dropping the guilt” as a working parent, creating equitable workplaces, and how sponsorship starts with accessibility. Eliana and ClearEdge Marketing CEO Leslie Vickrey discuss how these topics have intertwined throughout her career journey. 

Eliana’s career journey, like many in the industry, didn’t start in staffing. Yet she’s found herself as the Group President of Onward Search, a national staffing agency recently named the Number One Staffing and Recruiting Company to Work for by Women by InHerSight.

Throughout their conversation, Leslie and Eliana discuss how they both have a dream to make staffing a “destination career,” and not an industry just considered a stepping stone. Eliana expands on how she’s used her superpower of being a “natural connector” to not only develop a large healthy network, but contribute to that network and find ways to sponsor those around her. Eliana also points out that sponsorship starts by leaders being accessible, and that being willing to create space at the table for different voices is how companies can create more equitable workspaces.

Both Leslie and Eliana balance the hats of “executive” and “parent” and touch on how those inseparable roles can sometimes be at odds. Eliana’s advice? “Drop the guilt, outsource what you can’t do yourself, and be proud of who you are.” They both reflect on the sacrifices a parent has to make, specifically Eliana’s parents’ immigration to the United States and how they supported her in her pursuit of the American Dream. 

Eliana is a master of great advice and drops tidbits throughout the episode — whether it be on parenting, leaning into disruption, or finding fun ways to create expansive and inclusive experiences at work. We hope you enjoy this episode.