Stacey accidentally fell in love with staffing after she accepted a position in her early 20’s. Fast forward 20 years to today, and you’ll find her working in her dream role as Executive VP of Field Operations for Staffmark Group. She mentions the joy she gets from shaping decisions around brand collaboration and company goals, while preserving focus on essential aspects of the organization like culture, employees, and clients. But when asked what kept her at the company for 20 years, the answer is simple: The people. 

In explaining why Staffmark Group is her professional home, she lands on how the company is ever-evolving and never satisfied with the status quo. They breed “curious mavericks,” integrate ideas and invite disruption, all while providing consistent opportunities to impact people’s lives every day — which matters much to their passionate team. Changing lives is their business, and to Stacey, it’s more than a job – it’s a lifestyle of making a difference.

Thinking back on her pivotal moments with the company, Stacey talks about a time when her confidence was tested after she volunteered herself to create a business plan and struggled to put her ideas down on paper. She asked for help but ended up with something safe that no longer represented her or her opinions. When the next opportunity presented itself, she made a promise to be 100%, Stacey. This experience taught her to believe in herself and reach out of her comfort zone, naturally strengthening confidence to be her own career champion. 

As the conversation continues, Stacey and Leslie discuss the joys and necessities of mentorship, what really matters in parenting, the importance of creating trust and transparency in your leadership, and how that starts with humanizing your role.