Julie Tabish, Managing Director of Talent Advisory Group joins The Edge! Julie launched Talent Advisory Group in early 2017 and explains the gap she saw in the market place that drove her to opening her own talent organization. She describes the disconnect she saw between what recruiters were finding to present as talent to hiring managers and the actual talent hiring managers needed to fill open positions. She also believes that organizations need third parties to provide objective insight vs emotional insight on making hiring decisions.

Julie shares what she realized when she started her own business including the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have an entrepreneurial mindset. She believes that entrepreneurs have helped push her through challenges and give her the empathy and the encouragement she needed as they’re able to relate to her entrepreneurial journey. Julie also hired a business coach and says she would have hired him sooner because he has kept her grounded through the process of launching her business and she probably would have started Talent Advisory Group even sooner under the guidance of her business coach.

Julie takes us through her career path of corporate America, retail and investment matters before she finally reached happiness in the talent industry. She says that the pivotal point was when she was at the investment firm and her CEO challenged her to figure out how the organization could be more consultative rather than administrative in order to generating referrals from clients. Julie hired a consulting firm and worked with them for 6 years where they taught her about essential talent elements such as human behavior and organizational design. Not only was she able to create a referral strategy based on connecting with the right people, but Julie also combined her business and finance background to her new organizational talent skills to launch Talent Advisory Group. She realized how important the right people, in the right seats, in the right culture are to driving a business strategy forward.

In the current state of the talent industry, Julie has two areas that are exciting her. First, she loves how it’s a talent driven market and talent has ample opportunities at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on choosing a career that actually fuels their passion. Second, Julie is excited to be part of the movement driving the talent industry away from traditional talent solutions and adapt their talent strategy according to market conditions and new tech resources. To hear all of Julie’s great market insight and inspiring career path, listen to the full episode.