Stacy Kleinhenz, Vice President of BelFlex Staffing Network, kicks off this episode of TheEdge by discussing her ten-year background in Human Resources, with five of those years focused internally in the staffing industry.

She shares how HR has evolved during that time, especially in the war for talent. As the talent market gets tighter, Stacy explains that it doesn’t only impact the type of talent they are trying to place with clients, but also the type of talent they are trying to place internally. Stacy explains that to attract, engage and retain internal talent, your workplace dynamics have to cater to those audiences.

Part of HR’s evolution has been its elevated influence with leadership. HR has gone from sometimes being excluded from the C-suite to now commonly getting a seat at the executive table. Stacy explains that as organizations recognize that employees are their most important asset, they see their bottom line improve. For HR professionals who don’t already have a seat at the executive table, Stacy encourages them to ask their leaders “who is responsible for delivering our product?” The answer should always be the people within your organization. To deliver the best services to your clients, you must create an organization where your employees thrive.

Retaining talent can be a challenge for many organizations. Stacy believes that there are two key factors to retaining employees:

  • Remind your employees about your organization’s WHY – your long-term and short-term strategic direction and how they play a role in that why.
  • Evolve your organization to the wants and needs of your employees. By listening to your employees, you are telling them that you are invested in them.

If you are focused on creating a culture where your employees shine and stick around, take a listen to this episode of TheEdge podcast!