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Ready to rise? ClearEdge Rising offers community, coaching, and workshops for women looking to excel in leadership and for companies looking to increase leadership diversity.

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Today, women make up more than half (50.7%) of the college-educated workforce in the U.S., but only 10.6% are CEOs of the Fortune 500. That’s the kind of leadership imbalance ClearEdge Rising was built to change. Through outcome-oriented leadership development services, we help women achieve personal and professional transformation and businesses build more leadership diversity throughout their organizations.

Programs and services

From rising leaders to mid-level managers and senior executives, we have services that support both individual and group growth.


Learning and relationships. Through ClearEdge Rising’s year-long membership community, women have the opportunity to leverage both in service of their ongoing professional growth. The program includes:

Monthly coach-led cohort discussions

Quarterly events with guest speakers

On-demand leadership learning content

Exclusive platform for network building


When it’s time to up the ante on professional development, you get personal. Our personalized coaching services supercharge professional growth and are offered in two formats:

Traditional coaching:
A 6-month or 12-month engagement where a coachee sets goals and works in collaboration with a professionally trained and certified coach to achieve them.

Situational coaching:
Tap into a neutral, third-party leadership coach as needs arise for support, perspective, and action-building around a specific situation.


Leverage the benefits of collective learning, whether for a team, a department, or even the entire company. ClearEdge Rising leadership workshops provide participants with new leadership skills, insights, and tools. The advantages include:

Inclusive training that welcomes everyone

A neutral, external coach-facilitator

Aligned to team/company’s unique business goals

Can be co-created with internal L&D teams

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Each cohort is comprised of 6-8 members, carefully matched based on experience, position, and interest. Every month, a live learning session is held on a different, relevant leadership topic, where all members participate in peer-to-peer discussions to uncover the topic, understand its relevance to leadership, and walk away with actionable next steps for integrating session learnings into their roles.

For our membership community, monthly cohort sessions are one hour while quarterly guest speaker events run 90 minutes. In addition, members will spend about half an hour on learning content per month.

For traditional coaching, the time commitment is one hour every other week with work being given to coachees in between sessions.

Situational coaching sessions are a half hour with no ongoing time commitments.

Workshop lengths and times vary based on programs, topics, and team/business needs

Membership cost is $5,000 and runs for one full year from your start date with an option to renew. We also offer bulk discounts for businesses looking to purchase multiple memberships for women leaders.

Coaching and workshop pricing varies based on how they are structured. To learn more, please contact us for more details.

Please note: Most of the time, ClearEdge Rising fees are paid for by employers who are eager to build more gender diverse leadership teams and willing to invest in solutions to advance that goal. Individuals are welcome to purchase services on their own behalf; however, if you would like assistance in approaching your leadership about financial coverage, please let us know.

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ClearEdge Rising is proud to offer growth and support solutions for women leaders across the talent space and businesses committed to investing in their advancement.