Rise to the Occasion

ClearEdge Rising helps women succeed and lead across the recruiting and workforce solutions industry.

Leadership development that works. A community that inspires. Personal growth that drives business profit and innovation. Sounds really good right? Let’s talk about how we make all of that happen.

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Let’s change this story.

Only 18% of CEO/Owners at large staffing and recruiting firms are held by women…

…Women make up 66% of the workforce.

“As a CEO who has risen through the ranks, I can say first-hand that our industry needs a program like ClearEdge Rising to support the next generation of female leaders, and quite frankly, those of us in executive roles who aspire to keep learning and growing. I’m personally excited to see so much momentum in the recruiting industry around the importance of equity and investing in our future. ClearEdge Rising is exactly the type of program we need to move the needle.”

– Stacey Lane, CEO at Staffmark Group and General Manager at Indeed Flex US

A leadership accelerator and inclusive membership community

ClearEdge Rising is dedicated to rewriting the story of leadership today and tomorrow. We provide development and community for women at all career stages in the recruiting and workforce solutions industry. The common denominators across our diverse and global group? They want to grow, lead, and advance in their organizations.

The membership

The heart of ClearEdge Rising memberships are monthly, live cohort sessions. Cohorts are small groups of members, matched by experience and interest, that meet each month for the duration of their membership to learn, engage in deep discussion, and support each other’s growth. Membership also includes weekly engagement to maintain momentum, quarterly workshops with industry experts, content to support well-being, and access to a searchable member database.

While members are engaged in their experience, corporate leaders who purchase memberships gather quarterly to learn about topics covered in cohort sessions and ways they can support member growth. In addition, companies will be provided with their own content on how to assess for and make systemic changes that drive gender diversity in leadership.

What makes ClearEdge Rising different?


Leadership development for all women

Leadership development for women at every career stage, from new and emerging to executive and board level leaders


We know the industry

Tailored to women in the recruiting and workforce solutions industry so members build relationships that matter


Change you can measure

Personalized goal-setting with continuous assessment of members’ growth that compliments corporate values

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Let’s change the story together

Ready to make a sustainable investment in leadership and diversity in your organization? Enroll someone (even yourself) now!

Delivering value at the individual and corporate level

Diverse businesses are winning

Not only is gender diversity in leadership the right thing to do, it’s a savvy business move.

Gender diverse firms are:

ClearEdge Rising helps you build stronger, more diverse leadership at all levels. Let’s rise up your dream team today.

Employees are looking for more

Leadership development drives retention and engagement, but many organizations struggle to do this effectively.

ClearEdge Rising memberships drive engagement for your current and aspiring women leaders and, as they grow their leadership skills, the people they lead will become more engaged and productive too.

Inspiring the future of leadership

Leaders don’t just adapt to the future; they shape it and bring others on the journey with them. ClearEdge Rising is a community of growth, inspiration, and innovation for women at every career stage. We want your leaders to be the future of the industry.

How do I get started?


Start a conversation!

Connect with us and learn more: click here to schedule a chat with us.


Identify potential members

Have a conversation with women in your organization who might be interested.


Start the membership enrollment process

When you’re ready to start enrolling in this one-of-a-kind experience, click here to get started.

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Interested in a membership for your own personal development?

Awesome! We want you here. Most of our members have their fees paid by their employers, and we encourage that. Why? This is a worthy program and so is your desire to grow and advance. We know employers want to build more gender diverse teams and talent pools and are willing to invest in solutions to advance that goal.

Your first step should be to talk with your HR representative or your direct manager about ClearEdge Rising and your desire to participate. Not sure what to say? We have a letter you can use in conversation with you leadership.

If your employer is not currently able to provide the funding to support your participation in the program, we welcome you to learn about scholarship opportunities to help you get started.

Rising scholarship

Corporate funding not available? Apply for a scholarship!

ClearEdge Rising will award scholarships (based on available funds from corporate sponsors) to women who:

  • Are currently working in the recruiting and workforce solutions industry
  • Have a desire to raise themselves and others up.

Give the gift of a ClearEdge Rising scholarship

Help change the industry for women everywhere. In addition to enrolling women within your organizations, companies can also contribute to the ClearEdge Rising scholarship fund. Each scholarship supports a one year membership for the next generation of women leaders who do not have the financial resources to participate but are bursting with ambition to advance and lead.

Hear how women leaders are changing the industry

What’s it like to be a women leader in the recruiting and workforce solutions industry? Listen to ClearEdge Founder and CEO Leslie Vickrey interview female leaders in the industry on TheEdge podcast.

Membership FAQs

How long are memberships?

All memberships run for one year with an option to renew. We know that time is the most precious resource and it’s important to us that membership translates to real (measurable) learning and growth which requires consistency over time. We also know that leadership development is an ongoing process so we’ve structured membership in a way that fully supports that development.

What are the requirements around attending events?

We understand that even with the best intentions, things get busy. The experience for everyone is richer when more people participate so of course, we love to have all members at every live event and active within the app. But we’ll also have ways to keep members updated on what they miss if they can’t make it.

How does someone become a member?

At ClearEdge Rising it’s really important to us to be inclusive of women at all stages of their leadership journeys. That means we don’t have criteria related to position or career history. We welcome new and emerging leadership right on up to senior leaders from the c-suite and board levels. Since this is a program focused on leadership development and impact, we encourage membership to be paid for at the corporate level and are always happy to help individuals interested in participating with ways to approach that conversation.

What if someone’s company isn’t able to cover the costs?

We are happy to work with companies to help identify areas in their budget where a ClearEdge Rising membership could fit. However, we know that it might not always be feasible to cover membership costs. Individuals are always welcome to pay for themselves and, we also have a scholarship program, funded by the generosity of industry leaders who wanted to extend this opportunity to others outside of their company. While our scholarship seats are limited, we encourage anyone who is not able to secure corporate coverage to apply.

What are the requirements to become a member?

Knowing that this is a year-long program, with monthly and quarterly live events, we just ask that any woman who is going to become a member have the interest in and availability to participate.

What if someone identifies as gender non-binary?

We know that gender identity is on a spectrum and we welcome folks who sit outside of the binary identities of woman and man as they also need support in their leadership journey.

Why is membership industry specific and not open to others outside of the industry?

There is a unique outcome to bringing people who have a shared passion together to learn from one another and support each other. With ClearEdge Rising, that shared passion is the work. Bringing industry professionals together is a way to strengthen the industry as a whole and ensure that people’s investments in their careers are focused on the industry within which they want to grow.

Can multiple people participate under one membership?

Because we know that learning and growth requires consistency over time, a membership is for a single person’s participation. Memberships are owned by the company that purchases them meaning that if a member were to leave their company, the company does have the ability to backfill that membership and the member has the choice to purchase a new membership at a prorated rate.

What takes place within the cohort?

Cohorts meet monthly for 60-90 minutes and focus on a different leadership topic each month. The cohort leader introduces key learnings, drives personalized discussion, and sets members up for success by identifying action steps to integrate the learning. Growth happens in relationships and the cohort sessions are the heart of the membership experience because they are where relationships get built and leveraged.

Can memberships be paused, canceled, or transferred?

Ordinarily, no. ClearEdge Rising is an annual commitment because we want members to realize growth which requires consistency over time. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please reach out to us at: rise@meetclearedge.com and we will talk about how we might be able to accommodate.

When a company purchases memberships, how is it decided who fills those memberships?

Every company will take different factors into consideration. Ultimately, we just ask that the person or people being considered be aware, interested, and able to participate. Otherwise, some of the ways that companies might choose could be based on previous development opportunities, performance, position, or subsequent influence/reach. We’re always willing to talk through that process with any company leader.

What types of leadership skills are covered?

ClearEdge Rising is highly informed by the members themselves. Meaning, we keep in close contact with members to gauge what is relevant and important to them month by month. Some of the topics you can expect to see are: difficult conversations, imposter syndrome, developing and motivating a team, strategic planning, succession planning, financial acumen, leading through a recession, and more.

Are there options for those who can’t afford the membership cost?

Yes! It is extremely important to us that we work to remove as many barriers to becoming a ClearEdge Rising member as possible. One of the ways we do that is to support individuals who are interested in advocating for the cost of membership to be covered by their employer with a template letter and one-pager that can be sent to leaders. In addition, we have a scholarship program that provides 100% coverage for membership. Information and application can be found here.

Change the story, change the future with ClearEdge Rising

Give women at all professional stages a leadership development program that works, inspires, and enriches (both careers and bottom lines).