Thinking about scaling your team but not ready to hire full-time? Lesly Cardec, SVP of Recruiting & Marketing at ClearEdge Recruiting, explains how fractional roles can provide the on-demand expertise you need!  

What is Fractional Hiring?

In this video, Lesly dives into the benefits of fractional hiring, from project-specific needs to niche industry knowledge. Learn how fractional roles can work for ANY position, not just CMO!

Who Are Fractional Hires?

Fractional hires now span across departments and levels. Wondering about the time commitment and engagement length? It’s completely based on YOUR business needs!

Is Fractional Hiring Right for You?

There are two common scenarios where we see marketing teams tapping into fractional hiring, both startups/small to mid-size businesses needing marketing leadership and established businesses seeking strategic mentorship for junior staff to take their business to the next level. 

Fractional Hiring Trends

The rise of fractional marketing isn’t accidental. We are seeing a shift in workforce preferences, with flexibility, career diversity, and financial stability driving the trend towards fractional hiring as a long-term solution for both companies and marketing talent.

Fractional Hiring Success Story

We have heard countless success stories from companies that engage fractional talent. Lesly tells a story of a growing software company that leveraged a fractional CMO for a short-term engagement and achieved successful acquisition through brand positioning and marketing expertise.

ClearEdge not only has deep industry knowledge, but has been providing marketing support to Staffing and HR Tech companies for more than 17 years. If you are interested in exploring ways to strengthen your marketing teams through fractional hiring or otherwise, our experts are ready to provide rich insights on how to best reach your business goals. Let’s connect.