An empowering three-week experience based on Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research of what it takes to be a courageous leader. 

June 4 – June 18

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We hear a lot about what’s needed in the way of leadership these days. Decisiveness, clarity, conviction, boundaries, openness, collaboration, forward-thinking. The list goes on. But if we look at any of those traits that we’re all chasing after, the common denominator is courage. We have to activate our muscle of courage before we can think strategically, before we can stand by a difficult decision, before we can listen with open ears and hearts. 

Leadership Lab: Dare to Lead ™ Edition Schedule

In this Leadership Lab experience leaders will have the opportunity to build their muscles of courage. Decision making, hard conversations, prioritizing initiatives, stepping into the unknown. All require courage. 

Week 1: 

Busting the Myths of Vulnerability – vulnerability is the gateway to courage, but it’s often misunderstood. Recognize and manage the myths that hold you back from vulnerability. 

  • June 4: One 1-hour group session with all Leadership Lab participants
  • One guided triad call, scheduled based on schedules

Week 2: 

Building Trust in Yourself to Lead Courageously – to navigate the uncertainties leaders face, they need to trust themselves. Learn the seven elements that make or break trust. 

  • June 11: One 1-hour group session with all Leadership Lab participants 
  • One guided small group/triad call, scheduled based on schedules

Week 3:

Recovering from Failures – it’s an inevitable part of life and leadership but we don’t have to let our failures prevent us from continuing to be courageous in our leadership.

  • June 18: One 1-hour group session & celebration

Courage in leadership isn’t easy, but it’s essential. This program uses groundbreaking research to help you and your team cultivate the courage to thrive in today’s world. Only a small number of people are certified as Dare to Lead™ facilitators. Ashley Andersen, SVP of ClearEdge Rising, is one of them and will be facilitating this workshop. Join us by registering here.

Why Dare to Lead? 

I can remember the first time I had an official leadership title. It was given to me out of necessity. As in, “there is no one leading this team, we think you should do it.” I know many leaders can relate. I felt honored and ill-equipped. Ready but at the same time, very much not ready. 

I had been leading in informal ways before the formality of a title was bestowed upon me. I knew the responsibilities of my new role and how to fulfill those responsibilities in a tactical manner. In that way, I was ready and equipped. But what I didn’t know were the intricate skills that set great leaders apart. 

I struggled in those first few (ok several) months. I avoided hard conversations like the plague. I hemmed and hawed over decisions, waiting until the last minute and then regretfully reacting. I stewed in my mishaps and mistakes, allowing them to make me feel insignificant, unworthy, and less than. I would nod my head yes in meetings and then feel a pit of resentment and anger in my stomach that would fester. I compared myself to everyone around me, easily finding my flaws and inadequacies and convinced myself that everyone around me did the same.

Suffice it to say, it was not a great entry into leadership. 

Being in a profession that is all about learning, growth, and development, I knew that there was likely something out there that could help me. And that’s when I found the research of Brené Brown. Not only has she written six New York Times bestselling books, she is a well respected researcher in her field. She’s spent decades studying topics like empathy, vulnerability, trust, and courage. 

Her work was exactly what I needed to get myself out of the pit of doom and gloom leadership, where I was destined to have a negative impact on others, and pull me up into becoming a leader who is authentic, vulnerable, honest, and brave (although still flawed because none of those things implies perfection).

Leadership will always bring with it a certain amount of fear. Somedays that fear is minimal, easy to manage. Other days, it’s tremendous and can easily take us down. The greatest leaders aren’t immune to fear, they are courageous enough to not let that fear consume them (as it was for me in my early days of being a leader). 

The truth is, I didn’t become a leader when I was offered (forced?) into that position. I became a leader when I chose to build my muscle of courage. I became a leader when I learned how to use my voice just as much as I learned to honor the voices of others. I became a leader when I put myself out there and offered a new perspective, despite others in the room not joining in support. I became a leader when I shared a vision that was slightly outside of the safe zone. Courage makes us leaders, not titles. 

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