On this episode of TheEdge, ProFocus Technology VP of Client & Talent Services, Jennifer Waldrip, joins ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey to talk about finding joy in having a family while rising up in your career, how she’s following in her role model’s footsteps, and why anyone can be a great mentor. 

Jennifer’s story with her current employer, ProFocus, started from the outside looking in: she was previously a consultant for their business. Through strategy sessions, coaching, and strategic planning, Jennifer became increasingly excited about what she saw at ProFocus, including fantastic growth opportunities and a very clear path to make an impact. From there, she got attached, noting the organization is an extraordinary place with a supportive culture, leaders who care, and owners who have incredible alignment on what success looks like. She knew she’d learn a lot, but more than anything, ProFocus was the right role at the right time, and more importantly, with the right people.

Before her ongoing stint at ProFocus, Jennifer started her career with Hall Kinion after being recruited on her college campus for an entry-level role at the company. She recalls jumping right in and making at least a hundred cold calls a day to retiring managers to present candidates to get job orders – pretty basic. Not so basic? Fast forward six months into her career, she overheard something in the boardroom, acted on it, and was rewarded for her good deed. It was one of the key drivers of her confident leadership style. 

As the conversation continues, the pair also discuss what motivated Jennifer to start a ProFocus women’s group, how diversifying is a great way to get ahead in your career, and why no action is too small when it comes to helping close the gender gap. We hope you enjoy this episode.