On this episode of TheEdge Podcast, the show’s producers Lyric Copeland and Sarah Fluegel join ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey to reflect on the 13 extraordinary women they’ve had on the show this year, the stories that impacted them, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Each guest brought something unique and personal to the table and left the trio with something to think about. This created the perfect opportunity for the group to come together to discuss the year’s stories and insights, recapping monumental moments and the advice worth hearing twice. Lyric, Sarah and Leslie begin their reflection with the first episode of the year and modern superwoman: DeLibra Wesley. They recall a simple idea that she shared on the show last January regarding her DEI experience with her company at the time, noting that the “middle” is where the buy-in issues lie. 

Jumping off of their thoughts surrounding advocating for others, Sarah reflects on a story from Kristy Willis that helped her redefine her approach for advocating for herself. On the flip side of that takeaway, Lyric connects her acceptance of a true growth mindset to Jordan McGuire’s episode where she normalizes being uncomfortable and getting put into shoes that don’t necessarily fit at work. 

Throughout their conversation, Leslie and the pair discuss powerful peer mentorship, resources you don’t want to miss from the past 12 months of episodes, and all of the best pieces of advice that will have you hit the ground running in 2022. A special bonus? The trio also share some guest teasers and community updates for what’s to come next year. We hope you enjoy this episode.