ClearEdge Digital Marketing Strategist, Gina Kelly, joins the Edge to fill us in on how to strategically share content on social media to gain viewership. Gina first explains that the most important element in creating sharable content is to start with the intention behind the piece before you begin the writing process. Gina says that writing with intention helps you figure out how to package your content when you share your content on social media by starting with what you want to say and the best medium you want to communicate your thesis through (podcasting, blog, etc.), which ties directly into how and where you want to share it.

Another important facet in creating shareable content is creating content that can be easily searched on search engines. To make a searchable headline, think about how people describe what you are talking about to create a great headline that uses words people will plug into search engines when looking for similar content. Use those keywords in your headline, a summary article at the top of your content, throughout the piece and in the call to action.

When sharing, keep partnerships in mind. Content partnerships help you tap into other people’s audiences by having them share the content with their networks. An example of this is if you have someone contribute to your content and then you tag that person on social media when you promote the piece of content with the intention that they will also share it with their audience. Then, in one post, you double your audience.

Gina ends by giving us guidance on how to pick on which social channel you should share your content. Gina explains that the answer always lies in understanding your audience. When and where you share on social media depends on which channels audiences are on at certain times. If you get the most traction with your business content on Facebook, drive that content through Facebook and don’t be crippled with the thought that LinkedIn is supposed to be the primary business platform. Gina advises to post different parts of the content on different channels and at times that make the most sense for the audience. For example, Gina has found that a lot of technical professionals are on Twitter at night and on the weekends.

If you continuously put out great content that you want to get seen, listen to this podcast and let us know how you implement Gina’s recommendations!