Rhona Driggs, President of Volt Consulting Group joins The Edge podcast to fill us in on her history in the recruitment industry and to discuss current challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Rhona has been with Volt for 21 years and shares how the people internally as well as the external partnerships have kept her at the organization. With her intel on how Volt has created a loyal employee base, Rhona shares the tenacious story of how two brothers, William and Jerry Shaw, started the company with $13 in 1950. The Volt name also came from when the two brothers were flipping through the dictionary looking for a word to help guide them in naming their business and they came across volt, the electrical measure of potential and they said, “well, all we have is potential!”.

Rhona brings us back to her early years at Volt where she started as a regional manager opening locations around the Midwest as she climbed the ladder. Having a background in recruitment is what Rhona attributes to her success in growing the MSP division so quickly over the past year. Rhona says her MSP team become collaborates with their staffing division to provide comprehensive talent solutions that solve specific talent acquisition pain points.

Named to the Global Power 100 women in staffing list Rhona says she couldn’t have made the list if it wasn’t for her team. She recommends that all leaders lead with passion and to lead in the way they want to be led. Take a listen this Rhona’s episode for intel on the MSP facet of the recruitment industry and to be inspired to be a better leader.