On this episode of TheEdge, Insight Global Health President Jessica Calzaretta joins ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey. The pair discuss the benefit of building a team of champions around you, how anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it, and why leading with true authenticity gives your team permission to do the same. 

As she approaches the end of her first year as President of Insight Global’s recently launched Health division, Jessica reflects on how she’s embraced being an authentic leader. Although spending nearly her entire career with the company, Jess has sat in just one production role, spending the rest of her time in leadership, running teams, and building markets. This self-forged leadership track set her on a path for rapid career growth, noting that she was promoted four times within five and a half years. What’s the secret to her success? Imperfection. 

Looking back at her early days, Jessica talks about how she struggled as a female whose voice wasn’t always the loudest in the room. She also found herself in the perfectionist trap, comparing herself to others and trying to emulate qualities that did not come naturally to her. As a result, she almost left the company twice. Instead, she decided to become her own career champion, looking to others less and trusting her intuition through authentic leadership. 

As the conversation continues, the pair also touch on Insight Global’s women’s group and its significant impact on the company, Jessica’s advice to dream big even when you can’t see what the future looks like, and the one thing male allies can do to support a more diverse and equitable workplace. We hope you enjoy this episode.