On this episode of TheEdge, TheKey’s Head of Caregiver Experience, Kerry Sirkka, joins ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey. The pair discuss the benefit of grounding ourselves in our accomplishments, how getting comfortable being uncomfortable can improve imposter syndrome, and why we should hire people for potential versus looking for the perfect fit.

For nearly 20 years, TheKey, formerly known as Home Care Assistance, has helped clients achieve successful long-term aging at home with comprehensive concierge-based care. At TheKey, they ensure their clients’ dignity, safety, and independence, and are committed to changing how the world lives and ages at home. How do they accomplish such a difficult endeavor? By employing stellar teams and providing them with the training, resources, and support they need to deliver an exceptional care experience for clients and their families. 

Sharing her story, Kerry highlights starting her career in retail to support her education and how that accidentally landed her in staffing when her employer went out of business. Being a leader in retail, she thought it was only right to politely ask for a role in leadership at the small nursing company called American Global (now AMN Healthcare), where she was applying. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), Kerry was hired as a recruiter. From there, she was determined to climb the ladder quickly, breaking records and eventually leading the entire recruiting engine of well over 200 recruiters until 2018. At the same time, she led a team that grew revenue from 400 million to 800 million. 

As the conversation continues, the pair also touch on mastering the balance of imbalance, growing your career in parallel to personal junctures, and her advice to share your goals and get your data-driven elevator pitch down. Why? Because you never know what it can bring. We hope you enjoy this episode.