On this episode of TheEdge, Salo’s CEO, Lisa Brezonik, joins ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey. The pair discuss how creating personal strategies can be a game changer, why she believes curiosity and determination are at the heart of the best talent, and how Salo was the surprise she never expected.

Right out of the gate, Lisa started her career in HR, holding a variety of leadership roles at various companies until she reached a hellacious moment of both high-volume work and being busy on the road while raising her family. She decided to leave the corporate world to start a small boutique consulting practice, where she thrived for nine years until she developed an itch to be a part of a larger team. She thought about building a larger firm within what she had, as well as debated jumping out and doing something different. During that exploration, Lisa met the owners of Salo: a staffing and consulting firm based in Minneapolis that specializes in finance, accounting, and HR. 

After hearing about Salo’s journey, how they were trying to grow, and what they wanted to achieve in the future, Lisa was hooked and decided to join the team as their Chief Talent Officer. Brezonik notes that the best talent – those she’s been most excited and overwhelmed with once they’ve started the job – often demonstrate drive, curiosity, personal leadership, and a willingness to do what it takes to get it done, mentioning that she’ll “take a chance on anybody who doesn’t have a skill, but really wants it, all day long.”

As the conversation continues, the pair also touch on what it takes to “fire yourself and prepare for your next best thing, the C-Suite value of women taking more risks, and how we can start designing the lives WE want to live. We hope you enjoy this episode.