On this inaugural episode of TheEdge’s new allyship series, Insight Global’s CEO, Bert Bean, joins ClearEdge Marketing CEO and Founder Leslie Vickrey. At the most basic level, allyship is about having someone’s back, and the guests we’ll have on this podcast are prime examples of this. At a higher level, though, allies embrace their responsibilities with humility and a learning stance; To master it is a process, and self-awareness is the single most crucial component of becoming a true ally. The pair discuss this, why the industry is perfectly positioned to lead our customers in DEI, and how, with preparation, you can step into any big moment. 

While Insight Global is a very well-known brand in the staffing industry, people may not realize that they’ve been busy expanding into new verticals and markets, including the launch of Insight Global Health, Compass, and our personal favorite: a DEI training and development service division. When we asked Bert to explain the “why” behind the latter initiative, he noted that his team saw the power and growth that gets unlocked whenever you focus on DEI or other underrepresented groups in your company; In their case, it was women in leadership.

Taking a step back, we follow Bert on his journey to CEO, which plays a vital role in where the company stands today from a growth perspective. Like many at Insight Global, Bert fell into staffing after starting his career as a recruiter post-college. From there, he leaned into a growth mindset, applying any feedback given and working hard to apply himself, which allowed him to climb up the ranks alongside some of his female colleagues. However, when Bert reached the role of President, he started to take notice of the high turnover rates from women who ultimately felt they didn’t have a voice in the organization. Bert was determined to change this and started by forming a Women’s Leadership Council and changing their maternity leave policy almost immediately after being awarded the position of CEO. 

As the conversation continues, the pair also touch on how leaders can approach new ideas, why investing in taking care of your people with real dollars is never that expensive, and how people are meeting male allies with grace- as long they lead with action. We hope you enjoy this episode.