Current CEO of TalentWave, Teresa Creech landed in her role after five years with the organization and a strategic merger between competing companies, Icon Professional Services and Synergy Services. At its core, TalentWave helps companies and independent workers engage safely and with ease. They remove risk and absorb the administrative burden with Worker Classification, IC Compliance, Professional Payroll and more. 

When asked how past staffing roles prepared her for her current position, Teresa reflects on a time when rolling up her sleeves and understanding the weeds of the business was the norm – she notes that if you’ve ever worked at a startup, you’ll know what she means. Teresa was part of two up and coming tech companies in staffing when she discovered the profound importance of two things: building foundational elements, like culture, and how every decision you make impacts the company’s tone and how you will inspire growth. On the practical side, Teresa’s last role as Group President for Randstad prepared her most through encouraged adaptability, appropriate levels of accountability and a laser focus on performance.

Teresa’s diverse path in staffing drove Leslie to spend some time on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry. They talked about their hope and goal to positively impact gender equity as members of a newly formed Staffing Leadership Council in partnership with the Women Business Collaborative. Teresa shares that she’s had several conversations with industry colleagues about the clear imbalance of senior leadership roles for women in staffing and how she’s ready to catalyze it into action!

Thinking back to her personal struggles on her path to CEO, Teresa spells out 23 years where she worked and lived in different cities! How did she do it? With the support of her family and by learning to find balance however you can, how to forgive yourself when you can’t and that you can’t do everything despite how much you try. Last but certainly not least, being engaged is EVERYTHING. 

As the conversation continues, Teresa illustrates the immense value of mentorship, the advice she gives her now-college-aged children, and why it’s essential to differentiate fact and fiction in decision-making.