Celeste initially met Dan Campbell, current Founder and Executive Chairman of Hire Dynamics, in 1996 when they were both starting their careers in staffing at an airport security company. Through travel and work they became close friends, and discovered that they really enjoyed collaborating. When Dan started thinking strategically about Hire Dynamics, Celeste received a call. He asked her to meet with him and an old college roommate, Jon Neff, to discuss their vision and assist them in creating a business plan over beer and pretzels. From there, Dan started Hire Dynamics in North Georgia and ran with it. 

Not long after the business was up and running, Celeste joined as an advisor on Hire Dynamic’s board. Years later, she retired from Coca Cola specifically to work at Hire Dynamics. When reflecting on her decision, she discusses how helping clients and talent reach their full potential is a blessing that she values and will appreciate for years to come. 

When Leslie asks what makes Hire Dynamics such a high-performing organization, Celeste speaks to their positive mindset and how the company is always focused on “what could be, rather than what can’t.” She also mentions reversing the traditional corporate hierarchical pyramid by putting their employees first, and seeking out employees that fit the “hungry, humble, smart and fun categories.”

Diversity in staffing becomes the subject of discussion as Celeste describes Hire Dynamic’s new app and the power behind relating to talent on their terms. Celeste makes it clear that our industry has the means to make an impact by simply giving the gift of a fulltime job. Hire Dynamics takes extra care in placing and training talent with this as their goal, and encourages us to follow suit. 

As the conversation continues, Celeste reflects on her progressive education, her advice for rising female leaders, what she thinks we can do in our day to day to break the cycles of racism and sexism and how we need to be deliberate in changing our biases first. Her final message: VOTE!