Gina Chisholm, Director of Marketing and Technology at KellyMichell Group, joins ClearEdge CEO, Leslie Vickrey on The Edge podcast! Gina shares with us a wealth of knowledge around the recruitment industry and starts with her career journey that began as a HR Coordinator. Gina explains how she got to her marketing role today and how as the Director of Marketing and Technology, manages expectations internally from the c-suite as well as externally with clients, prospects, candidates, etc.

Gina shares current projects her team is focused on including engaging with active and passive talent in order to keep their talent pipeline full in a tight job market. Gina dives deeper to explain how her team helps build the skills of talent within their pipeline by creating a program that builds talents’ skill sets to meet demands for hiring managers. Beyond helping candidates learn the skills they need to be hired by hiring manager, Gina emphasizes the importance of adapting the way she recruits and engages with talent in order to attract top talent to her pipeline. “You have to go to where the candidates are, you can’t expect them to come to you,” Gina says.

Gina recently won the Rising Star in Operations and Technology award from Bullhorn due to her innovative thinking and impact on moving the recruitment industry forward. Gina describes her reaction to learning that she won the award and why she wasn’t able to be at the award ceremony in person. Gina finished the interview by sharing lessons she’s learned from KellyMitchell CEO, Cassandra Sanford, and how Cassandra’s lessons transcends into the organization and how KellyMitchell hires. Listen to the podcast and share it with other recruitment leaders!