Penny Queller, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Monster joins Michelle Krier, ClearEdge Marketing on The Edge podcast! Penny takes us back into her early years entering the recruitment industry explaining what drew her into the recruitment space and why she recently chose her new role at Monster.

Penny gives us insight into how organizations can better attract and retain top talent. She explains that organizations can’t rely on candidates flocking to their doorstep and that organizations need to find out where candidates are spending their time and connect with candidates through those platforms- whether it’s social media or another digital outlet. With this method, it’s important to note that successful organizations have an established brand so that when they connect with candidates, they’re able to engage with these candidates further by attracting them through their brand.

Penny explains how the recruitment industry has changed over the past 25 years with the birth of the internet, followed by the rise of digital communication and how leaders in the industry need to use the changes digital has brought into the industry as we continue to propel the industry forward. Penny says leaders must think how they can SHAPE the changes within the industry rather than being reactive to the inevitable changes.

Penny ends the interview with her advice on how individuals in the recruitment industry can rise to the top and stand out from the rest.

We hope you enjoy the interview!