Lindsay Finlay, director of Education Sales at RIVS Digital Interviews, joins us on The Edge podcast to discuss recruitment software! Between Applicant tracking systems, customer relationship and vendor management software, behavioral analytic software, interviewing software, the recruitment software space is completely saturated and how are HR teams supposed to know which software is right for their team?

First, Lindsay dives into the benefits of digital interviews, specifically video interviews. She explains where video interviews add the most value in the interviewing process and which positions video interviews are particularly helpful for. If you hire for technical roles where you need a specific tech skill set, Lindsay also share a slip screen video tool that’s part of digital interviews that allows recruiters (or an IT hiring manager) to test the candidate’s technical skills in real time and ask follow-up questions.

Lindsay also gives a shout out to a recruitment software that address multiple recruitment needs and gives HR teams the most bang for their buck, her take on predictive analytics when implemented in the interview process and software she thinks is going to become a staple in the interviewing process within the next 5 years. What do you think- which the recruitment software that makes your HR life easier?