Megan McCann, CEO and Founder of McCann Partners joins us on The Edge podcast! McCann Partners specializes in all functions of talent acquisition as it relates to IT recruitment needs to help organizations achieve hiring objectives.

On this episode, Megan gets real on the lessons she’s learned as a small business owner including advise to individuals looking to sell their company, why she chose to start McCann partners on her own and how she sets what the role of an entrepreneur means straight in the minds of others.

Megan also shares opportunities for organizations to further promote diversity in the recruitment industry as it especially relates to women in the workforce. Megan explains how organizations can approach diverse hires and be more intentional in their hiring. In the same vain, Megan shares her passion for empowering women in the workforce and how she chooses which organizations to donate her time to in the professional development space. To end, Megan shares her mantras that help her guide her actions on a daily basis. What mantra do you live by in both your professional and personal worlds?