Patti Johnson, CEO of PeopleResults, is an inspiring business woman to say the least. Patti started PeopleResults, a management consulting firm, without any expectations- just the notion that she would tackle the business one day at a time. Over 12 years later, PeopleResults is a thriving business that helps leaders and organizations make internal changes to help reach their fullest potential. On this episode of The Edge, Patti provides insight into how she scaled her business and now consults clients such as Pepsico, 7/11, Microsoft and many more.

Patti has also written a book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work & in Life- an educational book that encourages readers to step up and be the one to initiate change in both their professional work lives and personal lives. Patti shares the tools and techniques that individuals can use to “make waves” and create positive change at any level. In the episode, Patti gives us advice on how YOU can also write and publish a book that compliments both your personal brand and your professional brand. The advice that Patti shares in her book are lessons that she works on with clients every day and uses her book as a resource for them to refer to as well.

If you are looking for insight into how you can scale your business, create resources that you can use for your business like a book and become inspired overall then this podcast is for you!